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Monthly Newsletters

EFA publishes a monthly newsletter, “The Learning Curve,” (formerly “The Independent Plan Administrator”), which addresses topics that are especially relevant to inside fiduciaries and those who advise them.

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March 2016 | Service Providers Can Improve Their Sales Pitch (Put a SOC in it)”

February 2016 | The Rise of the “Checklist” Fiduciary (And the Power of 4 Overlooked Words)”

January 2016 | Jumping the “Paper” Shark – A 21st Century Model of ERISA Counsel”

December 2015 | “Money Talks”…What It Says Depends On Whose Listening

November 2015 | “Assessing Fee Reasonableness – Step Three”

October 2015 | “Assessing Fee Reasonableness – Step Two”

September 2015 (Special Ed.) | “A Strange Thing Happened On the Way to Outsourcing Fiduciary Responsibility”

September 2015 | “Assessing Fee Reasonableness – Step One”

August 2015 | “Dewey, Cheatem & Howe”

July 2015 | “Contours” of Responsibility – Selection vs. Retention

May 2015 | Of Advisers and Fiduciary Escape Hatches

April 2015 | And One More Thing…

March 2015 | “Society’s Pliers”

January 2015 | Fear Itself

December 2014 | Bundled Services: The Provider Independence Shell Game

November 2014 | Fee Disclosures-Dropping a Dime on Delinquent CSPs

October 2014 | Much Ado About Signature Authority

September 2014 | Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t

August 2014 | Supreme Court Shuts Down Moensch-kin Land

July 2014 | “Game of Pension Risk

June 2014 | “An Ounce of Internal Controls is Worth a Pound of Litigation in Resolving Excessive Fee Fiduciary Breach Claims”

May 2014 | “The Wolf of Main Street”

April 2014 (Part 2)| “Unsafe” in Any Fund Line Up: Dominated Funds in 401(k) Plans”

April 2014 (Part 1)| “GOD AND MAN [and the 401(k) Plan Industry] AT YALE”

March 2014 | “Dear Prudence” (A-Side) “Being for the Benefit of Mr. [Moensch]” (B-Side)

February 2014 | The Lost Art of Plan Design: Origins of Fiduciary Liability

January 2014 | “BReaking BAd:” Anatomy of a Fiduciary Breach

December 2013 | Why Service Providers Don’t Make Good Fiduciaries: Lessons From President Lincoln

November 2013 | The Worst [Blanking] Job in the Country