Annual Fiduciary Certification

After the close of each plan year, ERISA Fiduciary Administrators LLC (“EFA”) prepares a written report for the plan sponsor’s Board of Directors regarding all fiduciary issues confronted and all fiduciary actions taken, plus a statement certifying that during the report period:

  1. The plan was in compliance with all prevailing legal requirements;
  2. Appropriate fiduciary disclosure controls and procedures for plan administration were in effect;
  3. EFA discharged its responsibilities in accordance with ERISA’s fiduciary standards;
  4. Required government disclosures and other filings have been completed or are scheduled to be completed on or before the applicable filing deadline;
  5. The plan auditor’s report expresses its opinion that the plan’s financial statements fairly represent, in all material respects, the financial position of the plan, and the results of its operations and its cash flows, in conformity with the applicable accounting principles and is free of disclaimers and qualified or adverse statements; and
  6. EFA’s rating as a “Registered Fiduciary” has been renewed by DALBAR, Inc. and remains in effect.