Our Mission: To be the nation’s most trusted independent ERISA Section 3(16) Fiduciary, serving the retirement income security needs of the nation’s workforce.

Our Vision:

  1. Work together with plan sponsors, other fiduciaries and administrative service providers to always satisfy ERISA’s fiduciary standards of conduct and to work exclusively to serve the interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries.
  2. Provide reliable and constant support to plan sponsors and other fiduciaries to ensure that the plan always operates in accordance with its terms and that the right team of administrative service providers has been engaged pursuant to a reasonable arrangement that provides no more than reasonable compensation.
  3. Expand and strengthen our national presence.

Our Values:

  1. Independence, Integrity and Responsibility.  Strive to perform our services in accordance with each plan’s governing instruments and to be fair, honest, conflict-free and transparent in selecting and monitoring the performance and compensation of the plan’s service providers.  Always act responsibly with the best interests of plan participants.
  2. Professionalism and Teamwork.  Always respect the retirement income purposes of each plan, understand the processes and systems of each service provider and foster a strong spirit of teamwork and cooperation among all of the plan’s stakeholders with the highest levels of professionalism.
  3. Challenge Ourselves to Grow.  Adopt a global perspective to anticipate trends and opportunities for growth.  Create and sustain a responsive and dynamic workplace where all of our associates can focus on providing outstanding service and embrace new challenges.